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Isaac Unbound

By On August 2, 2018

My parents Abe and Sara wanted to be radical and change everything. But my rebellion was just being normal. Or at least, that’s what you would think if you saw me.… Read More

Guest Post

What The Head Scarf Hides

By On April 30, 2018

If Sare could only find the confidence her friends all seem to possess.… Read More


My Shattered Reflection

By On April 23, 2018

Because sometimes you write your story down, even though you'd rather just scream.… Read More

are memories useful

Can I Miss The Past Without Wanting It Back?

By On April 11, 2018

Prose on memories and what they're worth, if anything.… Read More


The Day I Became Whole Again

By On December 28, 2017

A tale of doom.… Read More

Guest Post

The Perfect Replacement

By On December 25, 2017

There's something strange about the new rabbi.… Read More


When I Was a Country Song

By On December 19, 2017

In another life, we would've had nothing to do with each other. In this one, this trip was the only thing we had in common.… Read More


Subway Rabbi

By On December 5, 2017

Listening is exactly what he was after, but not like this. … Read More


The Clay Man With The Spikes: Part 5

By On October 26, 2017

In part 5 of the "Clay Man With The Spikes" series, Girl has become Young Woman. And with that change comes a change in her relationship with Friend.… Read More


Do You Wear a Yarmulke All the Time??

By On October 24, 2017

My friends are becoming observant. And I don't like it.… Read More

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