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Guest Post

Massacre At Babi Yar

By On November 12, 2018

Poems about the fear we carry.… Read More

Guest Post

Why A Jew Would Move To Mexico

By On November 5, 2018

Three poems about being Jewish in Mexico.… Read More

Guest Post

How Gefilte Fish Connects Us All

By On October 31, 2018

During crisis, we are reminded of the deep connections we have with our fellow Jews.… Read More

Guest Post

Growing Up In the Tree Of Life Community Made Me A Better Jew

By On October 30, 2018

A member of the Tree Of Life community shares her story.… Read More

Guest Post

The Charm Is A Lie; The Beauty, Vanity. And Now They’re Gone

By On October 29, 2018

I once had a beautiful woman in my life. She filled my heart with passion, making it swell till it felt like it would burst.… Read More

Guest Post

How Prayer Got Me Through My Dad’s Decline And Led Me Back To Judaism

By On October 22, 2018

After a long time away, Psalm 23 brought me back to Judaism.… Read More

Guest Post

Does God Expect Me To Be Perfect Before Granting Me A Child?

By On October 17, 2018

I try hard to bury the pain of infertility... But I can't always do it.… Read More

Guest Post

The Day My Inner Child Cries For My Father

By On October 15, 2018

The day I miss my father the most.… Read More

Guest Post

Is A Holocaust Joke Ever Better Than A Racist Joke?

By On October 8, 2018

Joking is healthy, but it's important to know the boundaries.… Read More

Guest Post

Depression Is Consuming My Life

By On October 3, 2018

I don't feel brave or strong... just depressed.… Read More

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