Book of Looking

Story of Esther

Vashti / We Gaze & We Own
We own the rights to her
but she will not show.

She whose festival is apart from ours
who will not open her beauty wide

who is the danger that lurks
in a man’s own house

like the foreign tongue
of a foreign woman.

Esther / I am a Blindness You Must Watch
It does not matter where I am from.
I am from somewhere. I am from nowhere.
I am from an emptiness
even your dreams do not conjure.

I will come to you for the night when I am called
to reveal to you what I have bathed in myrrh and spices.
That is enough.

Three Days of Fasting / We Declare our Spirit, See Us
The they she has not spoken of
gathers in the city streets
and cries up.

They come into view.
We come into view.

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We become the answer
ready for the question 
a whole kingdom
has refused to ask.

Achashverosh / The Three Questions
Who are your people?
Who is the man who would do this?
Where is the wrong?

My staff is extended,
I am asking.

The Queen / Eyes Opened at Last
There is a man 
who would murder us.

That is the man who would murder us.
You must act against the man
who would murder us.

To Look is to Seek is to Ask is a Justice
With questions
& answers
revelations can come:

I am I.
They are I.
See us.