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Why I Share My Posts And Stalk Them All Over Facebook

By On September 10, 2017

When I publish a post, I have an adventure, a game, and an OCD wonderland.… Read More


Notes From A Stark Raving Lunatic

By On August 27, 2017

A poem about crazy glimpses of alternate realities, and my desire to reach beyond my world, into something new.… Read More


Stuff I Hate (Sharing Negativity Is Gloriously Spiritual!)

By On August 13, 2017

Learn why sharing what we hate is spiritual... and funny.… Read More


Buddhism: Oy Vey (Except For That One Time)

By On July 23, 2017

Impermanence, no self, non-attachment: no, thanks.… Read More


Fireworks: Even Better Than Licking A Painting At The Museum

By On July 16, 2017

So many common pleasures and interests alienate me, but I love fireworks.… Read More


I Would Prefer Not To: My Buddy Bartleby The Scrivener

By On July 2, 2017

To so many common expectations, I say: "I would prefer not to."… Read More


Time For Us All To Break Out

By On June 18, 2017

Can seemingly small pleasures and appreciation of daily life foster great insight? … Read More

Long Read

Weird Non-Friendships Mean Something Too

By On June 4, 2017

A story about adult bullying, a hilarious form of revenge, and a kind of epiphany.… Read More


No Truth, Different Minds, Many Worlds

By On May 7, 2017

This poem explores the wonders, dangers, and challenges of so many mental and emotional universes coexisting in our world.… Read More


Wrestling With Time: A Chilling Challenge That Could Be Beautiful

By On April 23, 2017

The passage of time is horrifying to face and acknowledge. But can it lead to something beautiful?… Read More

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