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Stephanie Wellen Levine


The Art Of Pride In Small (But Huge) Triumphs

By On December 2, 2018

I lowered the criteria for success. A lot. Try it!… Read More


Questions And Thoughts Regarding Our Sad But Glorious Lives

By On November 18, 2018

Love, hatred, truth, elephants, homesickness, jealousy, God, and much more.… Read More


Yo, I’m Dissatisfied. And Scared. Please Help!

By On November 4, 2018

A poem on a Penn Station wall inspired my own poem about what I want, need, and hope for at this difficult moment.… Read More


Special Hot Chocolate Spurs A Mind And Soul Bending Dream

By On October 21, 2018

A dream sparks confusion, wistfulness, and mystical possibility.… Read More


It’s Weird To Think

By On October 7, 2018

I explore all kinds of things that are weird to think about and invite you to join me.… Read More


The Gorgeous Wisdom Of Small Encounters: Middle-School Boy And Me

By On July 1, 2018

A wise, hilarious boy discusses unfairness in school and beyond.… Read More


I Have A Terrible Attitude (And I Love It)

By On June 17, 2018

I hate putting in effort; I just want to enjoy.… Read More


How To Freak People Out Without Even Trying

By On June 3, 2018

A weird learning disability, odd discussion topics, and more: I freak people out.… Read More


Healing Poems, Thoughts, And Suggestions

By On May 6, 2018

Revelations through summer camp, mu shu vegetables, and cheap sunglasses.… Read More


Please Excuse Steffi (And So Many Others)

By On April 22, 2018

Excluded from special help as a young student, I—and many others—should get it in adulthood.… Read More

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