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Stephanie Wellen Levine


Please Excuse Steffi (And So Many Others)

By On April 22, 2018

Excluded from special help as a young student, I—and many others—should get it in adulthood.… Read More


I Didn’t Go To The Writers Conference

By On April 8, 2018

Skipping this writers conference made me feel guilty enough to write a poem.… Read More


Freedom: Craving It And Reaching Beyond It

By On March 25, 2018

Freedom drives my life, but maybe I need to transcend it.… Read More


Who Are You, Strange Partner Who Might Not Exist?

By On March 11, 2018

Sometimes I imagine someone. It turns out to be no one. Unless...… Read More


Seeking Miracles (And Maybe, Kind Of, Finding Them)

By On February 25, 2018

I've imagined and caught slivers of miracles. But I want a full-blown miracle.… Read More


The Joys Of Being Treated Like A Sack Of Crap

By On January 28, 2018

Bad treatment brings challenge, adventure, and humor if you open your mind.… Read More


Souls And Selfishness

By On January 14, 2018

Knowing other souls: glorious, but maybe the end of fun.… Read More


2018: You’re Too Big, But My Hopes Are Bigger

By On December 31, 2017

2018, my optimism is as great as my fear. Be glorious, and grow no more.… Read More


Wisdom From Seemingly Random Events And Encounters

By On December 17, 2017

Mistakes, microwaves, disconcerting women, electronics that might be conscious: intriguing wisdom from unexpected sources.… Read More


Very Important Questions From A Very Confused Person

By On December 3, 2017

Deep yet funny questions from an insecure yet ravenously curious person.… Read More

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