Sandals That Would Look Good With Socks

Ladies, if there is one thing I’m good at, it’s fashion. I mean look at this:

Wrinkled second-hand skirt, clearance rack shirt, old tichel, and Zenni Optical glasses. Anna Wintour, you know you want me on your editorial team.

That’s why I want to suggest sandals to you, so that you (like me) know what to wear with opaque knee-highs this summer. All images are from I only wish I had an affiliate code.

“I don’t have to tell you you’re ugly, because you know you’re ugly.”

One time this friend of mine stopped me on the street and said, “You look so Colorado.” Um, YES! That was the ultimate compliment. I would “style” these with my secondhand Patagonia skirt and a button-down.

Velcro is my favorite closure.

My mashpia actually told me that the two kinds of sandals that don’t look dumb with socks are Danskos and Keens. She’s been right about everything else.

“Scarlet begonias and a touch of the blues.”

See above. Also, if you are inclined to wear long fake-Indian skirts with pantyhose underneath, these are your jam. Note the exclamation point detail. They’re exclaiming that you even though you’re so modest that you’re wearing knee socks with sandals, you’re ready to party.

[sc name="ad-300x600"]
“I’m fantastic, made of plastic.”

How could I not include Crocs? In Israel, people call them “Crocsim.” I’m not joking.

These are way too nice to wear fishing, despite their descriptor.

In all seriousness, these would actually look good with socks — they would cover the socks and in and of themselves are nice. They are classy. For once in my life I am demonstrating good taste.

I’ll rope you in to buying these shoes. Seriously I’m not stringing you along.

Fancy people can say what they want about Sketchers, but for common folk like me Sketchers makes affordable, comfortable replicas of hundred-dollar shoes. These espadrilles offer simultaneous ventilation and diminishment of the look of socks.

Kind of downtown, kind of country.

I leave you with this: One of the coolest, most mature and Torah-educated young women I have ever met wore huaraches with her A-line, ankle-length twill skirts. That’s reason enough for me to recommend these well-reviewed sandals.

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