Come Shopping For Modest Clothes With Me

I look forward to having enough money to buy new clothes.  It’s not happening right now, like not even from the thrift store, but one day I’ll get it together to ask G-d to give me some extra money to buy clothes and then I will go shopping.

As you know, I am fat. At the moment I am wearing a few of the same cotton skirts (plain black jersey, mid-calf and maxi, elastic waists) and a few long-sleeved cotton T-shirts.  I look like I am always going to the gym, but not in a cute way. Oops.

Anyway! Let’s go virtual shopping for modest clothes. The Web has so much to offer! And I like to look like a female lumberjack.




This little number is from The Vermont Country Store ($79.95). I would wear the crap out of it. It is everything I like in a dress: It’s plaid cotton (my favorite pattern and fabric); it buttons for easy nursing; it’s so nerdy it’s cool; it would look perfect with my sandals and black socks. I would wear the absolute crap out of this dress.


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This Rangewear By Scully Brushed Twill Skirt is everything I want in a skirt: It’s black; it’s cotton; it’s heavy duty; it’s floor length; it’s wide enough to be non-restrictive for walking fast in. ($59 from


If you haven’t seen the Rough Linen Pinafore from, well then cast your gaze on this $80 wonder garment. Feeling a bit bulgy in the belly? Throw on a pinafore! Need pockets and don’t have them? Just wear a pinafore! Shirt a little too snug and you want to make the outfit modest? Well just cover it up with a pinafore! I would buy this in every color they hand-make (in northern CA, natch) of this. So maybe it screams, “I’m a yuppie who drinks green smoothies and forgot about being hot a lonnnggg time ago!” So maybe that’s my motto, and “haters back off“.


$125 for a long-sleeved T-shirt?! But wait. The Organic Chunky Cowl Wanderer Shirt by Gaia Conceptions is everything I want in a shirt. It’s A-line; it’s modest; it’s solid color but looks interesting; it comes in 16 beautiful colors; and it’s cotton. I would wear this shirt every day below 80 degrees. I’m pretty sure that the cowl neck can be worn as a hood. Multitasking!


I have worn two pair of Sanita clogs into the ground. My current pair has no insoles and the foot beds are eroding. I guess you’re not intended to wear them every day for four years. Even though Denmark isn’t the most Jewish-friendly country at the moment, I would suspend my outrage long enough to buy a new pair of clogs. In blue. Which is the color of the Israeli flag, suckas!

I hope you have had a good time reading my first foray into frum fashion blogging. Give this article a like and a share if you think I have a future in fashion. Also leave links to great modest clothing in the comments, please. As you can see, I need your help in the fashion department.  xo, Chaya