Praying in My Coffee

I bless my morning coffee
and the trick is,
don’t think about the coffee

but the smell has got me captive
and it’s taking over my nostrils
like a growing shade of doubt

this world be dammed,
the smell I can’t see
but I know it’s there

and it’s got my faith
before the caffeine even takes hold
I know, I know,

I know
I’m awake

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This mug is a temporary container
and so is my body
but right now, it’s what I got

timelines, deadlines, my daughter applies
for summer camp in midwinter
and it gets her through to graduation

at some point I will die
and what’s next will be its own adventure
but my to-do list has too much stuff

and so I live in the now
trusting that when miracles happen
I will be able to receive them

and so I bless my coffee
lingering in the heat, the smell, the taste
trusting that the rest will come