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Avtzon’s Film On How An Artist Is Transformed By A Devastating Fire

By On November 28, 2018

Bentzi Avtzon’s documentary, The Light Of Fire, shows both the destructive and transformative power of fire.… Read More


Here There Be Racist Dragons

By On November 12, 2018

I figured out what I most liked about the book Ariel Samson, Freelance Rabbi on its last page, in its very last line.… Read More


A Rebel Poet Wrestles with His Rebel Kids

By On November 6, 2018

Jake Marmer's poems wrestle with Judaism and G-d just as they wrestle with new fatherhood, career-hood, the unfamiliar weight of responsibility. … Read More


The WOV Life with Bari Mitzmann

By On July 12, 2018

How many times do we as women push ourselves to go to sleep “just an hour later”, skip that meal, run out to do a chore that “can’t wait until tomorrow” because… Read More


Most Wonderful Rabbi in the World Writes Greatest Book in the World

By On July 9, 2018

Steve Jobs did not exit the womb with a computer chip in his mouth. Warren Buffet was not born holding a stock tip, and Thomas Edison didn't change the light bulb above… Read More


Cooking with the Anarchist Kosher Cookbook

By On May 22, 2018

Maxwell Bauman's irreverent humor caters to Jews who appreciate irreverent weirdness.… Read More


The Book “You Sparkle Inside” Comforted My Grieving Daughter

By On December 21, 2017

Rachel Kann's new children's book reminds us all to remember that we sparkle inside.… Read More


Finding Your Inner Hot Jew

By On December 19, 2017

Toward a Hot Jew takes the reader on a beautifully illustrated ride through Jewish culture, Israeliness, identity theory, identity politics, Israeli politics, political theory and so much more. … Read More


The Art Exhibition That’s Making The Invisible Jews Visible

By On November 15, 2017

Submissions are now open.… Read More


Radiant Others: A Podcast And An Album

By On September 24, 2017

Dan Blacksberg kindly provides us food for thought and a soundtrack to take us into the new year.… Read More

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