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The Time Trump Hypnotized Me In The Backseat Of An Uber

By On July 18, 2018

On charisma and the poetic lessons of A Wrinkle In Time. … Read More


Shelo Asani Goy

By On July 16, 2018

Is there a right way to feel when something seems so wrong?… Read More


The G-d of Nothing

By On July 12, 2018

Is He as much a destroyer as a creator?… Read More


Meet Me In The Margins (And I Will Meet You)

By On July 11, 2018

I don't really understand Talmud, but sometimes it speaks to me in ways I can't ignore. … Read More


How I Became A Feminist Without Even Trying

By On July 10, 2018

I’m a wife, mother, and writer. A daughter of Israel, a believer in G-d, a traditional Orthodox keeper of the faith who doesn't long ritually for more, has never even been curious… Read More


How My Unconventional, Unpredictable Childhood Made Me Believe In God

By On July 10, 2018

Maybe my kids' lives are too predictable?… Read More

spit kit

I Don’t Want To Spit In The Tube

By On July 4, 2018

This plastic tube will teach me about my roots, my heritage, other places in the world where my blood has been sprinkled. I’ll receive numbers, percentages, statistics. But what good is that?… Read More


Sometimes I’m Human First

By On July 2, 2018

My favorite costume at the "Families Belong Together" protest was someone dressed as a dinosaur, with a sign that said: Walls didn't work at Jurassic Park either.… Read More


The Gorgeous Wisdom Of Small Encounters: Middle-School Boy And Me

By On July 1, 2018

A wise, hilarious boy discusses unfairness in school and beyond.… Read More


Hevria Reflects On The Muslim Ban

By On June 28, 2018

Four Hevria writers channel their feelings about the Muslim ban through their writing.… Read More

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