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Matthue Roth


Rules Of My Best Friend’s Body: A Free Book For You

By On January 31, 2017

Matthue introduces Hevria's newest project: a novel he wrote called Rules of My Best Friend's Body.… Read More


Make Your Story Make You Bleed

By On January 17, 2017

It's such a tempting idea, this sudden mental switch or a realization-from-on-high -- for reasons that are often hard to explain and sometimes so totally otherworldly that you can barely explain them… Read More


Pray Loud

By On January 3, 2017

Yankel, who used to be Jack, got kicked out of his last club on a Tuesday night.… Read More


Getting Your Story Out of Your Head

By On December 20, 2016

When you tell a story, you need to erase your memory. Start from the beginning. Walk through the steps with your reader.… Read More


Platonic (Buffy)

By On December 6, 2016

We know all each other's secrets. she knows I'm an Orthodox Jew. I know she's a vampire slayer.… Read More


I Am Broken, I’m the Glue

By On November 9, 2016

I prayed in English this morning. I mostly know what the Hebrew words mean, but my brain needed something simpler, more easily digestible, something I could believe in without asking myself.… Read More


What We Prayed For This Rosh Hashanah

By On October 11, 2016

We prayed for change. We prayed for things to stay the same. We prayed that G-d do whatever G-d wanted to with us, because we couldn't handle the choices.… Read More


Orthodox Writers, Meet Your Role Model

By On September 13, 2016

Once, Herman Wouk was one of the most famous authors in the world. His work was adapted into plays, films, Broadway musicals, and one of the most-watched TV miniseries ever. … Read More


Don’t Be Anonymous

By On August 30, 2016

I've written some sketchy things. It's out there. And I'm trying to learn not to be ashamed of them.… Read More


Saturday Night with the Reverend

By On August 15, 2016

“G-d needs us to believe in Him,” Rev. Vince extols us, “just like you need someone to believe in you.”… Read More

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