Ulcer Minor

for Elad

After all the fights we are somehow still okay

Against the backdrop of constant death
it’s silly we can’t get along

Against the backdrop of us getting along
it’s silly the world hasn’t healed itself

We have made each other
such revolutionaries
the only thing we can’t solve
is each other

And yet
bodies are lining the streets
And yet
still they don’t believe
And yet
I’ve watched the stupidest viral videos
People can’t even figure out
to wear masks

once they do,
how to put on
a mask

Tell you what
let’s dream of each other
a perfect circle of imperfection
like a mutated pizza pie

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A cry uncle upon the suggestion
of sending it back to the kitchen
you don’t mind
you like crust

and I would be tortured in a thousand hells
before being impolite enough
to ask to turn on
the air conditioning

We never say goodbye because
Hasidim never say goodbye and
naming our departure good would be too
accurate, and naming our departure bye would be

the falsehood of us never seeing each other again
or the falsehood of certainty, or the falsehood
of departures of any sort

No matter how we fight against it
we are all of us in each other’s blood

and no matter how we fight
we end up hurting no one

but ourselves

art by Panda~thwiki