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Lela Casey


Advice For Living In A World That’s On Fire: Close Your Eyes

By On December 11, 2018

How do we go on living when everything feels like it's falling apart?… Read More


Avtzon’s Film On How An Artist Is Transformed By A Devastating Fire

By On November 28, 2018

Bentzi Avtzon’s documentary, The Light Of Fire, shows both the destructive and transformative power of fire.… Read More


Watch: Students Help Bring Light Back To Pittsburgh Jewish Community

By On November 19, 2018

Tzohar Seminary students take to the streets of Pittsburgh to distribute challah and hope.… Read More


Why I Followed My Grieving Daughter Into Her Darkness

By On November 13, 2018

I followed her into the darkness to help bring her back to the light.… Read More


Isaiah Rothstein’s Video Reminds Us The Path To Joy Is Gratitude

By On October 16, 2018

Zayah's song and video are a joyful reminder of the importance of gratitude.… Read More


Darshan’s New Music Video Reveals Portals To The Divine

By On August 28, 2018

The video for Hapax Legomenon is a hauntingly beautiful peek into the soul of the Universe.… Read More


Why I Will Never Call Myself White Passing Again

By On August 7, 2018

What happened when I really listened to my friends.… Read More


How My Unconventional, Unpredictable Childhood Made Me Believe In God

By On July 10, 2018

Maybe my kids' lives are too predictable?… Read More


Social Media Is Killing My Creativity

By On June 27, 2018

Watching my daughter block out the world to write makes me more aware of how social media has diminished my creativity.… Read More


Sarah Tuttle-Singer Reveals Her Heart Through Her Beloved Jerusalem

By On June 12, 2018

Sarah Tuttle-Singer's book, Jerusalem Drawn And Quartered reveals a multi-faceted view of both the city and the author herself.… Read More

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