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Billye Joyce Roberts

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Thoughts When You Can’t Even Deal With Laundry

By On November 27, 2018

Who's got time to worry about destiny? I mean, how am I going to end homelessness if I can't even deal with the laundry?… Read More


Here There Be Racist Dragons

By On November 12, 2018

I figured out what I most liked about the book Ariel Samson, Freelance Rabbi on its last page, in its very last line.… Read More


Not Coping Well With a Whole Month of That

By On October 16, 2018

I did not have a good run up to, or a good time during, the High Holidays. The rain and the mosquitoes made hanging out in a sukkah a lot less fun… Read More

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Two Funerals… Forty Years

By On September 18, 2018

I remember standing with my sister on the steps of the funeral home having a violent argument with the rest of Daddy's family on the day of his funeral.… Read More

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A Quilt & A Death Connected Me To The Spirit of Elul

By On September 3, 2018

It is Elul, that month for soul searching and review of one’s spiritual progress. I wasn't feeling it. At. All.… Read More


It Was Dark, They Had 106 Miles to Travel, And They Were Wearing Sunglasses

By On August 20, 2018

Throughout the Blues Brothers movie, Elwood keep repeating this line: We're on a mission from G-d.… Read More


I Read Tehillim in My Favorite Bar

By On August 6, 2018

My Rav doesn't understand about my bartender. I haven't ever had the chance to tell him this, but I think G-d draws me to this young man. I think She wants me… Read More

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Completely Weirdly Wildly Magical Mystical

By On July 23, 2018

I never saw any bright, shining lights in the relationships I was surrounded by growing up. But I've read about bashert, the Jewish ideal of finding the person you were meant to… Read More


Most Wonderful Rabbi in the World Writes Greatest Book in the World

By On July 9, 2018

Steve Jobs did not exit the womb with a computer chip in his mouth. Warren Buffet was not born holding a stock tip, and Thomas Edison didn't change the light bulb above… Read More


Sometimes I’m Human First

By On July 2, 2018

My favorite costume at the "Families Belong Together" protest was someone dressed as a dinosaur, with a sign that said: Walls didn't work at Jurassic Park either.… Read More

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