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Ayala Tiefenbrunn


7 Observations from Disney World

By On January 23, 2018

People in Disney World are kind and courteous. They are also being emotionally pampered by dozens of workers during their visit. Good places inspire people to give what they get. … Read More


Creative Minds (Part One?)

By On January 9, 2018

Sometimes I wonder if creativity might just mean your brain fires signals around in an abnormal pattern. Bridges being made over uncharted territory. That would support the all to relatable reality of… Read More


But Are They Jewish?

By On December 12, 2017

What are they trying to prove? Why are they so desperate to elevate themselves from their brother and sisters?… Read More


I Am A Creative Sell-Out

By On November 28, 2017

Making art was a therapy from feelings that I didn’t know how to express, didn’t understand... It was my crutch. But then I didn’t need it anymore.… Read More


My “Intermarriage”

By On November 14, 2017

Watching my father go through this process when I was in high-school, I knew this was my messorah. I knew I had an obligation to keep it alive, in anyway I could.… Read More


Being An Aggressive Woman In This World

By On October 17, 2017

We live in a world where all people are free to act as they please. Nothing about our world is perfect. There is no excuse for sexual violence. We cannot let ourselves… Read More


An Open Letter To Whole Foods

By On October 3, 2017

We are not a joke. Your ethnicity is not a joke. Your religion is not a joke. Because Yom Kippur isn’t about fasting.… Read More

king chess piece with crown

Tishrei When You’re Self Abusive.

By On September 19, 2017

No one teaches you how to do teshuvah or to navigate the yamim noraim when you have self abusive tendencies. Just know that your friends and community members who deal with these… Read More


A Love Poem for Elul

By On September 5, 2017

Often we focus in Elul on what we did wrong, sometimes we need to focus on what we didn’t do, sometimes we need to promise to do more, not to do "better" at what we… Read More


While You Were Name Calling

By On August 22, 2017

The things we hear.… Read More

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