Try Again

Try again.
Try until your fingers are sore and your eyes water.
Try until every round feels mundane, not a promise.
Try until you have no more expectations.
Try until you feel like you are screaming into a void and no one can hear you.
Try until rejection makes you happy, because at least someone heard.
You’re real.

Don’t try harder.
Try better.
Read and write and talk and make.
Opportunities for yourself.
Hold your foot in the door even though it’s slamming into your foot over and over again.
When the door closes,
Kick that wall until you break open another try.

Try until your dreams are consumed by an actual success.
Try until you wake up every morning saying “Today will be the day”
Even though yesterday.
The day before.
The week before.
The months before were not.
Just keep going.
Try again.

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Try until people think you are crazy for trying so hard.
Try until people tell you you can’t anymore and grin.
It’s an invitation.
A challenge.
Try again.

Try until every attempt is a well oiled operation.
Try until every attempt is another opportunity to flip that process on its head.
Try until you take yourself for granted.
Try until you feel like nothing.
Try until you pity yourself for pitying yourself and metaphorically slap yourself on the face.
Try again.

Try like no one is watching.
Try like you’re in a stadium of people who wish you would fail.
Try like you have nothing to lose.
Try like your life depends on it.
Even though it doesn’t.
Try until when you walk away, you’re not upset.
Because you couldn’t have possibly tried any harder.
And if there’s a shadow of a doubt that you could have done more.
Try again.