Artificial Intelligence Wrote This

Hello there! This is just me, Ayala, with a little explanation. I spend most of my time trying to find ways to meaningfully connect design and technology. Recently I created a project for school using Botnik, a AI predictive text writer (best known for the generated chapter of Harry Potter). It was incredibly effective and made me start thinking about the patterns and predictability [or lack thereof ] of language. Which lead me to wonder: what would happen if I took the past month of Hevria articles and used it as the source text to create something new. Here’s the results.

Poem #1
my heart is confused because i want to be with my people
when that blaring wail of time passes by
i am looking to become someone else
is that somehow less woman than others
who protect my sleeping children at night

toward what will it take them
through silence it is no matter
i feel less close to god than ever.  

there is no map for navigating
the various imperfections and dangers
we will face
as we enter these new worlds

A Haiku
to see it really-
there is nowhere to go forward,
to satisfy you.

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Another Haiku
and the people are
blossoms of the deepest kinds
to remember you

When students would leave inspired to draw —  I wanted to express my hopes and visions for this new chapter of their lives. “ My heart is just ridiculously, authentically easy to emote. ”

A Jew is a Sieve
a jew is a sieve
but what if that was not the truth
when god took the jews out of egypt
something marvelous transpired right here
when finally we stand
there will not be enough to touch us

The Question [we’ve all been asking]:
Which goldfish need to be contained in this theoretical community?