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Salvador Litvak


The Peace We Can Achieve Right Now

By On June 29, 2016

We have to use the tools at hand to do the most good. Soldiers fight. First responders save lives. Donors fund. The rest of us can emanate peace, which is no small… Read More


Can You Spot The Latino?

By On May 4, 2016

My teacher called "Salvador Litvak" on the first day of class, and I told her I go by "Alex." No one batted an eye, but deep down I felt like a coward.… Read More


Could Mom’s Dementia Be An Extended Near-Death Experience?

By On April 6, 2016

Mom could be half way to that higher world, like someone having a mystical experience or an NDE. The difference is that her altered state began gradually, and never stops.… Read More


My Daughter Vandalized The Synagogue And I’m So Proud!

By On March 8, 2016

From God, Moses and Betzalel, Molly learned how to redirect destructive energy into holy work. And I'm still kvelling!… Read More


Confronting The Enormous Cost Of Jewish Education

By On January 13, 2016

There is no magic bullet for making Jewish education universally available and affordable, but prioritizing it for our kids and ourselves is vital for our tradition.… Read More


A Prayer For Israel’s Enemies

By On October 21, 2015

You said, "I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse." Master of the Universe, please help our enemies see with their eyes and understand… Read More


A Note To Young Rabbis From A Passionate Jew

By On September 2, 2015

I was recently invited to give a talk to rabbinical students. My first reaction was, “Who am I to address such a distinguished group?” Then I realized I had a lot to… Read More


Our Marriage To God

By On July 29, 2015

It’s not that we need single Jewish women to dress in white and dance in the vineyards, where they'll be joined by single Jewish men who’ve reprioritized their superficial values... Actually, that’s… Read More


A Miracle So Obvious The Skeptics Looked Silly

By On July 1, 2015

As the sun set over the stadium, we were treated to an astounding sight. A pulsating rainbow arced across the sky. We said a blessing and then looked away. The Talmud says… Read More


A Peek Behind God’s Curtain

By On June 3, 2015

When you’re flying up a tunnel toward the iridescent Soul of the Universe, you had better not be driving the after-school carpool! So what purpose do these things serve?… Read More

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