A Prayer For Israel’s Enemies

I will bless those who bless you,
and the one who curses you I will curse.
-From this week’s Torah portion (Genesis 12:3)

Master of the Universe, please help our enemies

see with their eyes and understand with their hearts

before it is too late.

Grant them wisdom to stop cursing Israel

before they curse themselves out of existence.

Thank You, dear Lord, for keeping the promise

You made to our father Abraham.

Not by the voice of an angel,

but in Your own voice You pledged to

bless the multitudes who bless us, and

curse the individuals who curse us.

Cursed and gone are the sprawling empires of










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Nazi Germany, and

the Soviet Union.

To kill a portion of Israel’s children,

each of these empires

killed its own children

and passed from history in shame.

In every generation, our enemies rose to destroy us, and You destroyed them.

Yet in Your infinite mercy, You grant every generation an opportunity to turn round.

May they use it!

May they bless their children,

as we bless ours.

May they teach them to choose life,

as we teach ours.

May they bless our land with peace,

so they they may have peace in their land.

May they grasp history, before history grasps them.

May they learn to bless, before another child learns to curse.

May they learn before it is too late.


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Image originally posted at WND