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Merri Ukraincik


How Do We Know When It’s Time To Go?

By On November 27, 2018

As Jews, there's really only one place for us to go. My heart often reminds me I should be there.… Read More


Does Motherhood Break Us Into Pieces Or Make Us Whole?

By On October 30, 2018

My search for the answer as my eldest turns 21. … Read More


How I Dreamed My Way Back To Shul

By On October 9, 2018

As if I never left, I find comfort in the familiar landscape of the sanctuary, reopening the siddur, which fits in my splayed palms like it was there all along.… Read More


Words Are There For The Taking, And So Is Silence

By On September 4, 2018

Words can nurture, change, and heal. Stillness, too, can fill us up with love.… Read More


God of the Bathroom

By On August 7, 2018

I found proof of God on the way out of the bathroom, not that my faith ever needed it.… Read More


How I Became A Feminist Without Even Trying

By On July 10, 2018

I’m a wife, mother, and writer. A daughter of Israel, a believer in G-d, a traditional Orthodox keeper of the faith who doesn't long ritually for more, has never even been curious… Read More


Because There Are No Phones In Heaven

By On May 15, 2018

Talking to my grandmother is akin to talking to G-d, a one-sided conversation grounded in my faith that they are both listening, even though they cannot answer. … Read More


On Love, Fatigue, And Motherhood

By On April 17, 2018

Motherhood is different now. And so am I.… Read More


The Ghosts In Our Garage

By On March 21, 2018

I am quite certain they are real.… Read More


It’s Hard Not To Write On Shabbos

By On February 20, 2018

Sometimes creating is breathing.… Read More

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