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Matthue Roth


What We Make Instead of Music

By On December 4, 2018

I know the words to the niggun when you think you’re only saying ai yai yai.… Read More


Having a G-d Complex Is Complicated when You’re Not Actually G-d

By On November 20, 2018

I imagine G-d getting high, giggling at every wildebeest that runs past. "Can’t believe I made that"… Read More


A Rebel Poet Wrestles with His Rebel Kids

By On November 6, 2018

Jake Marmer's poems wrestle with Judaism and G-d just as they wrestle with new fatherhood, career-hood, the unfamiliar weight of responsibility. … Read More


Sholom Brodt Was Not a Tzaddik

By On October 23, 2018

Sholom Brodt was not a tzaddik!… Read More


After Every Winter, a Summer

By On October 9, 2018

At school's start, she was asked to bring in a plant. It was already deep October… Read More


Hunt for the World’s Last Kugel

By On August 29, 2018

I might be in our apocalyptic future, foraging for food in ashes and not crunching charred crust in my teeth. Everything is artisan when it's one of a kind… Read More


When You’re a Dragon, You Learn to Get Slayed

By On August 14, 2018

I always expected to get rescued, not to do the rescuing.… Read More


Every Tallis I’ve Ever Worn, an Oral History

By On July 31, 2018

For thirteen years I never knew not to wear a tallis.… Read More


The Smiling Mortician

By On July 17, 2018

I try not to fall in love too easily, but you can't not… Read More


Shonda fur die Goyim

By On July 3, 2018

sometimes i walk down the street doing nothing but being stared at.… Read More

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