The Transformative Power of Not Showing Up

The moon never shows up on camera &
neither do vampires &
neither do I

Some things, says Blanche Devereaux
giving her globe of a perm
a nonexistent swish,
have to be seen to be believed

I am not one of them. In person I am
shorter, stammerier, hairy and frizzing
I avoid body odor only by
passing through so many other smells
you’d need to be a detective
or a decanter

Vampires in the real world
were savage, dirty, dripping of blood
One makeover later they’re on TV
played by a boy made of liquid sex

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The most esteemed virologist in the country,
in the midst of a pandemic,
was asked who he’d choose
to be him in a movie

Shortly thereafter, 
he was portrayed
by Brad Pitt on Saturday Night Live

I don’t imagine it
as the planned result
of mass murder
or eco-terrorism

but rather, a lot of things going very wrong
with something going very right
in its wake