The Recount Begins When the Grumpy Guys at Shul Say the Recount Begins, Not a Moment Before

I have faith in myself
when I tell the guys on my shul WhatsApp
this is temporary
none of it matters
in the grand scheme of thing
there is a reason G-d made Trump
but I don’t know what it is and frankly
what deserves deeper thought
is, why do horseflies
look like metal
why do shrimp
look like shrimp
why does electricity
come from a power company
and not all the kites in the city
flying out in the storm
like a net of colored diamonds
across the sky
the election is rigged
by the American people
the pollsters are astonished
they still have the capacity
to be surprised
the sourdough bread
I spent all afternoon baking
for my kids
because the whole wheat stuff
tastes too healthy
had to be folded
and aerated
once every 30 minutes
for 6 hours
but I did it
yes I did it
g-ddamn I did it
humanity makes bread
through a complicated natural process,
the first person to grind
wheat stalks into powder
and puff them into bread
had to either take
a leap of faith
or was just really bored
a genius
or all three
and yet we still
thank G-d in the blessing
and that loaf of bread
is going to do more good for the world today
than either of those men
who want to run this country
I’ve had it with civilization
I’m voting for puff pastry
if it makes us all fat
and keeps us from squeezing through the doors
going out and starting wars
it will, as we say
have been enough