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Eight Things To Do When Someone Doesn’t Like You

By On May 23, 2016

I have some insight to share, and I hope you'll benefit from my social ineptitude.… Read More


25 Sure Signs You’re A ‘Souldier’

By On May 2, 2016

In which Chaya gets pithy with some wisdom quotes you won't want to miss... … Read More


Ashkenazic Jewish Foods, Ranked Without Explanation

By On February 15, 2016

I am right about this, but tell me how you'd rank these Asheknazi Jewish foods, from best to worst. … Read More


#ForeverAlone On Valentine’s

By On February 13, 2016

It’s the perfect weather for some Single Humor.… Read More

2015 year in review

2015: How Was It For The Jews?

By On December 22, 2015

This is your year-in-review: A retrospective look at how the year 2015 went for the Jews.… Read More


Come Shopping For Modest Clothes With Me

By On November 9, 2015

Oh hey, look. Chaya Kurtz is blogging about fashion! … Read More


These 20 Stock Photos of Jews Will Make You Cringe

By On October 12, 2015

A smattering of the inspired imagery that pops up when you enter "Jew" as a search term on a stock photo site...… Read More


Ten Ways To Stay Sane This Rosh Hashana

By On September 10, 2015

Simple realizations to make your life easier this New Year.… Read More


How Not To Marry A Jerk

By On August 26, 2015

A 10-point plan for how not to marry a selfish, cruel, disrespectful jerk. Learn how to recognize a wolf in sheep's clothing.… Read More


Everything I Love About Being Jewish

By On March 31, 2015

In a world where no one has a problem saying what they think of the length of your skirt or the style of your hair, but people never just say how awesome… Read More

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