25 Sure Signs You’re A ‘Souldier’

  1. You enthusiastically enlist yourself in epic battles against the darkness.
  2. Your wisest weapon: When you are confronted by evil you search for its root in yourself.
  3. You respond to tragedies by creating more light.
  4. You try not to hate. Not even the haters. Unless they actually do something hateful and then you hate what they did…and you really hate it when that happens.
  5. You identify not as a body with a soul, but as a soul with a body.
  6. You believe in Belief.
  7. You used to play truth or dare – and now you just dare to be true.
  8. You don’t really need to ‘go out’ much, but you really do need to ‘GO IN’.
  9. You used to rebel by breaking the rules. Now you rebel by keeping the rules – universal rules, golden rules.
  10. You tend to tend to things, particularly tender things. You can’t help but help the helpless.
  11. You don’t care how others look. You just care how others look at the world.
  12. You hold paradoxes & dig dialectics. Example: You practice radical acceptance while being committed to change.
  13. You have dreams and visions and they hold more sway on you than hard facts and newsfeeds.
  14. You find yourself talking about said dreams at cocktail parties, in grocery store lines and other socially inappropriate places.
  15. You like to listen. Especially to children. Yes, you savor listening to the world according to children…
  16. Perhaps you are a professional listener. Probably you go to a professional listener.
  17. You take your listening, your silence – and your jokes – seriously.
  18. You know that this is the best lifetime you’ve ever had – and live it up as such.
  19. You like to breathe consciously. Being aware of your autonomic nervous system functioning is your idea of fun.
  20. You particularly like to breathe consciously before responding to inflammatory remarks
  21. You smile on purpose. You smile with purpose.
  22. You don’t care what you are called because you know you are being ‘called’.
  23. You look for spiritual soulutions to worldly problems and sincerely encourage others to as well.
  24. Your battleground begins within. You fight with love.
  25. You post articles like this one and plenty of your friends like it because, well, they are souldiers too. 🙂