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Beyond Brisket: The Soul Of Rosh Hashana

By On September 9, 2018

You get up at 6:15 AM to make it from Santa Monica to the Persian kosher market in the Pico Robertson neighborhood of LA by 6:45. They open their doors at seven,… Read More


Objective Reality Is For Meeting G-d

By On September 6, 2018

Facts, feelings, and Rosh Hashana.… Read More


Words Are There For The Taking, And So Is Silence

By On September 4, 2018

Words can nurture, change, and heal. Stillness, too, can fill us up with love.… Read More

Sun on horizon seen through tree branches

A Quilt & A Death Connected Me To The Spirit of Elul

By On September 3, 2018

It is Elul, that month for soul searching and review of one’s spiritual progress. I wasn't feeling it. At. All.… Read More

self love and elul

Can I Use Elul To Learn Self-Love?

By On August 31, 2018

Here I am; cringing as I attempt to flip my perspective upside down. As I turn the self-criticism dial to the right, and wonder would it would look like to spend the… Read More


It Was Dark, They Had 106 Miles to Travel, And They Were Wearing Sunglasses

By On August 20, 2018

Throughout the Blues Brothers movie, Elwood keep repeating this line: We're on a mission from G-d.… Read More


Why Jewish Artists Will Continue To Be Rebels

By On August 16, 2018

It seems that so many of us public Jewish figures turn on our communities. Here's why it will keep happening, and why it might be a good thing.… Read More


We’ll Never Feel Ready

By On August 16, 2018

No rehearsal, no practice time. But someone, something, is rooting for us.… Read More


What Israelis Can Teach Us About How To Build A Better Society

By On August 15, 2018

The difference between what those in the Diaspora are doing with their bodies and what Israelis are doing with their hearts.… Read More


I Hate Facebook Groups, I Love Facebook Groups

By On August 13, 2018

Click here to prevent other members from adding you to this group again.… Read More

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