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Saul Sudin

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Isaac Unbound

By On August 2, 2018

My parents Abe and Sara wanted to be radical and change everything. But my rebellion was just being normal. Or at least, that’s what you would think if you saw me.… Read More


Open Waves and Walls

By On July 19, 2018

Is it so bad to have the walls breached? Without it there could be no growth. Isolation would set in, The possible would remain impossible.… Read More

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Confronting The Last Chicken In Brooklyn

By On September 28, 2017

It was the last chicken in Brooklyn. Well, the last one that was still clucking.… Read More

Long Read

Approaching Time As A Flat Circle

By On August 24, 2017

A discussion with the creator of the Misaviv Hebrew Circle Calendar.… Read More


I’m Not Keeping Shabbat This Week

By On May 4, 2017

I spend the whole week living like a pinball; bouncing and ricocheting through life. By the week’s end, the last thing I need is someone telling me how to relax.… Read More


Abraham, Father Of None

By On March 9, 2017

No angel of G0d came, no replacement animal happened by the scene. Abraham slashed down at the neck of his blessed son, spilling his blood on the holy mountain.… Read More


Jacob’s Latter

By On January 12, 2017

Jacob brings Leah the idea of opening their relationship to Rachel.… Read More


Yaakov Gets a Sex Change

By On December 15, 2016

How Kabbalah explains the sex lives of the patriarchs.… Read More


Make Religion Your Own Song

By On November 17, 2016

Have you ever stopped yourself partway through a holiday, prayer service or religious event and thought “What am I even doing here”?… Read More


I F**king Hate Yom Kippur

By On October 6, 2016

I regret those words as soon as I think them. But it’s true.… Read More

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