Open Waves and Walls

A poem for Tammuz, Av, and Elul:


Is it so bad to have the walls breached?

Without it there could be no growth.

Isolation would set in,

The possible would remain impossible.


You were so focused on keeping invaders at bay,

You didn’t let any holiness out.

All those people, abandoned,

Thirsty for the love you could give.


Not all of them will accept you,

Some will outright hate you.

It would have been easier to stay behind fortifications,

But the fire was coming to you either way.


We raised walls only to have them razed.

Borders were drawn to protect us from what we fear.

Face the fear.

Go outside the known city.


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In the field you meet your new lovers,

They will enthusiastically embrace you.

An orgiastic symphony of

Relationship anarchy.


Open your senses, open your soul,

Realize what you were missing.

Orchards grow all around you,

Taste the fruits of your world.


A whirling dance in white,

Circulating up to the highest realms.

Outstretched fingertips touching, backs arched,

The connection is so simple and so charged.


Meet it all head on,

Be radically honest where you dwell.

You are in the holiest place on earth.