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A Prayer Upon The Occasion Of Another Midnight-News-Check

By On May 30, 2018

A prayer for normalcy.… Read More


I’ll Take The Bad News Too

By On June 12, 2017

Because I know why the miner's canary sings...… Read More


How To Birth A New Jerusalem

By On May 24, 2017

Chaya's latest Jerusalem prayer...for Yom Yerushalayim… Read More


Try This… Again

By On May 8, 2017

Making the most of the holiday of second chances.… Read More


Can I Just Be Pissed-Off Today?

By On April 24, 2017

Apologies if it's offensive...… Read More


If You’re Hosting For Pesach, Read This

By On April 3, 2017

What I learned about hosting last week.… Read More


The Miracle Gemach

By On March 6, 2017

Have we got the Miracle-Gemach for you...… Read More


Halleluyah For Leonard

By On November 21, 2016

Chaya offers poetic praise for the guiding light that Leonard gave.… Read More


A Jerusalem Prayer For American Democrazy

By On November 7, 2016

When the Kotel is your ballot box....… Read More


Imagine Doing This At 4am

By On September 26, 2016

What if our ritualized Selichot looked like this?… Read More

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