A Jerusalem Prayer For American Democrazy

I will cast my vote
at the Kotel today.
I will walk it straight to the Wall
like a pilgrimage
and sit to draft my note
at the stone steps
of what was once our
White House
and my best kept
will sit in the crevice
between the rocks
of a ballot box
where no one will read it
but the doves of peace
and the pace of time
and the vast space between
your vote and mine
will not matter.
For we have all run
this race through
panting and ranting in
rue &
and all done – I’m sure –
with the very best intent.

But G!d may it end.
And may it end well.
And may it usher in
a better discourse than what has been
discussed with disgust
to no end.

For stirred and rattled have been our
brains on this campaign
– like cocaine.
Horrified at the faces of hatred.
Stone cold dismayed at the display
of fury on the Tv-scream
play by play.

So I will pray
my vote in today
between the cracks
of the holiest space
I can catch
my breath.

Along with a plea
for the American people
and their Democrazy.

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A plea for discernment.
For the wisdom of the ages
to not abandon ship today.
But hold steady the angel
who ushers that nation forward
towards goodness & greatness
towards purple mountained
progress, all spacious.

Bless every compatriot
that their hopes for embetterment
should be amply fulfilled.
Though their choices might differ
their dreams are the same.
Health and prosperity on
every doorstep
every forceps
every forecast for
every rain.

May the great Bestower
beyond the curtain
turn a kind eye
to that nation
and have compassion
on them.

May no demons dance
on their democracy today.
Just a warbling trope
of hope
in the stones
where the birds of peace pray.

The Kotel is my ballot box
and I cast my lot
for a cleansing