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Here, Weakest Means Strongest

By On August 10, 2016

I remember a year ago when you were there for me, holding on in the same way and telling me that I was so beautiful. Now I understand.… Read More


Leaving Noshland

By On August 2, 2016

Tsivia was the girl all the boys wanted to tease, then wanted to marry, then could never find the courage to talk to. … Read More


A Rough Night For Akiva

By On July 28, 2016

A misunderstood student causes an uproar at the yeshiva.… Read More


Life in Noshland

By On July 19, 2016

It's not until way into the night, when the summer sun is completely gone and the sky has finally settled into blackness, that Zvi's dad emerges from the storeroom.… Read More


Last Night at Noshland

By On July 5, 2016

Every inch of the store serves him with a different memory.… Read More


The Currency

By On June 30, 2016

Wherein God plays dice with the universe.… Read More


The Levi Who Couldn’t Sing

By On April 7, 2016

The High Priest felt a single drop of sweat cascade down his brow. That distraction paled as the High Priest’s ears perked up to catch one choral voice gratingly out of harmony… Read More

First Posts

I Miss Clubbing

By On March 2, 2016

Seven years later I could tell you that I’ve found the same venue for joy within observant Judaism, but I haven’t.… Read More


Penis Street, Jerusalem

By On March 1, 2016

He'd spent his whole life aimed to land here, in Israel, on the streets of Jerusalem. And now that he was here, he wondered what he was doing.… Read More


When Holden Caulfield Met King Solomon

By On December 30, 2015

Elizabeth revisits the literary thinkers she encountered at age sixteen. And aren't we all searching for wisdom?… Read More

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