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Guatemala: A 1 Month Itinerary

By On September 6, 2016

From the girl who doesn't make itineraries. … Read More


On Being An Older Single

By On August 9, 2016

Because that's what I hear I am now. Older.… Read More


You Can’t Do Everything

By On July 26, 2016

But you can do something… Read More


Everybody Lies On Facebook

By On June 29, 2016

We look at others on Social Media and we think we know them. But we don't know them at all. … Read More


Pain Is Your Teacher. You Are Mine.

By On June 14, 2016

I learn more from interactions with others than I ever have from any college course. … Read More


The Terror Attack Next Door

By On June 9, 2016

I arrived in Tel Aviv 10 minutes after the terror attack.… Read More


I Can’t Promise I Won’t Hurt You

By On May 30, 2016

But I'll promise that I'll try.… Read More


Dear Weirdly Talented Orthodox Girls

By On May 24, 2016

Can Orthodox Girls rap? Should they be allowed to?… Read More


I Don’t Want To Be The Adult In The Room

By On May 17, 2016

Seriously.… Read More


When G-d Stops Calling

By On May 3, 2016

When you stop picking up.… Read More

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