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Here’s To Reconciliation

By On June 27, 2016

Here we grapple with the justice of how to treat an ‘enemy’. When just next door she sleeps so peaceful. With prayers and knives... in kitchen sinks.… Read More


I Wave This Flag Today

By On June 5, 2016

Chaya shares what it's like to belong to Jerusalem on Yom Yerushalayim… Read More


The Ideal Wedding Present…A Voice For The Bride

By On May 24, 2016

Women with voices at weddings is nothing less than our next highly urgent step of spiritual evolution. Not only is it is a spiritual imperative.… Read More


25 Sure Signs You’re A ‘Souldier’

By On May 2, 2016

In which Chaya gets pithy with some wisdom quotes you won't want to miss... … Read More


Chaya’s Surprising Guide To Hosting Hundreds

By On April 4, 2016

Here's how to dish out the real soul food.… Read More


Dress Up Or Die Out

By On March 21, 2016

The Jewish world is quite simply being bored to death. But there is an antidote, it's called Purim.… Read More


What Women Don’t Fear

By On March 7, 2016

It's Erev International Women's Day...let's celebrate!… Read More


May This Letter Never Be Sent

By On February 22, 2016

You might want to write one too.… Read More


In Memory – Parshat Bowie

By On January 11, 2016

In his final departure, Bowie has 'arrived'.… Read More


Humans of Hannukah

By On December 14, 2015

Check out these shiny things...… Read More

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