We’re Contaminating the World By Not Exercising

We want to be holy and pure.

So we sit around, racking up the filthy conversation of our muscles taunting us while we read from our seforim and check our computers, trying to ignore their frustrated character jabs that distract us from our work.

“You’re weak, overwhelmed, and ashamed,” they hiss, hanging limply off of our bones, filled with frustrated, unchanneled energy.

Our bodies taunt us when unused just like a child needing fresh air and monkey bars finds himself throwing a tantrum he can’t explain.

Their negative internal fights fill the world with such dirty energy.

But don’t worry.

Instead, go for a run.  

When you’ve gained enough stamina, when your breath is slow but steady and firm, when your legs are pumping and your eyes are set straight ahead, tell me what you see.

Tell me you’re not having a spiritual awakening when you push yourself harder than you ever have before, when your body meets spirit and collides into going faster and longer than you ever dreamed possible .

Tell me you’re not more connected with yourself and more compassionate to the people around you when you’re flushed from the rush, from the fight. When the perspiration is your victory call for self mastery and humbling reminder of how much farther you have to go.

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Tell me that you don’t understand Gemara so much better, that you can’t absorb those sichas and lessons that much deeper, the weeks in which your body is relaxed and satisfied because it’s been pushed, challenged, and is rooting you on .

Tell me your body doesn’t thank you at every moment, during every step, for days afterwards, and that every decision isn’t more clear and established .

And then tell me why you refuse to workout any longer.

Why you let yourself come up with “not enough time ” excuses or “not important enough” delusions when clearly your body begs you at every chance to let it free by letting it experience the pain and pleasure of self advancement.

If you want to be surrounded by light and holiness and positive talk, listen to the closest and most dedicated physical thing you own; your body .

And do it the biggest favor; let it go out for a run . For a stretch . For a dance.

Let it live.

And then rejoice in the constant thanks that it gives you.

With every step you take .