There Are Such Goyim in the World

I love how goyim hug
so perfectly freaking friendly
like the only reason they’re not married
is, why waste all that time at a party?

They eat food from anywhere
and eat the same amount of food all week.
They jump out of bed and straight

in the car, no handwashing, no pot under
the bed. Some pray, some don’t, like us
only the ones that do don’t stand in front of walls

whispering like lonely men on the subway.
Sometimes I think about talking to myself
like that, a nonstop monologue

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but then it’d turn into praying,
Can you believe it, G-d, we bombed
one more city, sorry we messed up

Your earth, sorry you gave me the best
sunrise ever and I slept straight through it.
I hope You know the treasure you’ve got in us.

I hope You don’t give up on us quite yet.