The Autobiography of Steven Mnuchin

With enough money
Steven believes
you can change minds

The way his name slips by
in the credits for Avengers
and The Lego Movie

to show his old bullies
whatever they wanted
to do to him, it backfired

Steven marks his territory
like a bulldog on a Sunday outing

The United States, Steven says
is the greatest country
to invest in

and we are his investment
Steven shouldn’t be this happy in life
but somehow figured it out

Steven’s made mistakes, but mostly made money
made enemies, but no one who counts
made sure his children will be well-fed

and made children, unbelievably
one marriage failed but the next
venture works like a charm

Steven left behind the satisfaction of banking
to serve the American people
you may think he’s only in it for the money

Maybe he is only in it for the money
but there is love, an honest love
of crunching numbers, balancing wrongs and rights

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His interest is self-interest
but in his job he finds a satisfaction
he treasures as much as his first million

Some nights he lies awake and prays
not sure how to value things like hope
but knows it’s worth most when given away

Steven knows everything has a value,
even love
he knows he is rich in every regard

Some days Steven feels so grateful
he just wants to give it all away
not the money but his goodness,

smiles bigger than his mouth, free hugs,
as if an angel came straight from Heaven
and whispered in all our ears

Find someone who looks
at you the way Louise Linton
looks at Steve Mnuchin

holding a sheet
of dollar bills with
his name on them

He raises his hands as if to bless us
we will
o yes, we will

Some of the last lines sampled from a tweet by Christopher Ingraham