My Soul’s Poem For Year 25 And Day 4

[I have only begun in recent years to connect more deeply to my Hebrew birthday, 19 Nisan; this year I finally made the connection that, since my birthday falls during the Counting of the Omer, it has an accompanying combination of sefirot. Sefirot are most simply explained as the roots of divine energetic elements, which interact with each other and shape our world. The time of the Omer features its own sefirot framework, and is a particularly prime time for what I recently heard called “spiritual agriculture,” nourishing and harvesting our internal gifts and treasures to heal and receive the Torah anew.
I am just beginning to learn about traditions regarding the
sefirot and the Omer journey, and recommend checking out the resources below and others. When I discovered “my” sefirot combination, netzach sheb’hesed, this is what sprang forth from me, to me:]

There is resilience in my open heart. There is
A kindness that cannot be silenced. She has been
Singing all these years, from a place of love-strength
more invincible than I could ever know. She powers me forward,
grounds me here, never too hurt to open
open open to touch
And taste, to gasp, to grasp, and
Embrace, release. She knows
She has nothing to lose, she cannot
Be diminished. She is Netzach
the victory not predicated on competition or power over another
But an inner loving-power. Untouchable, but davka touchable:
Raindrops on fingertips. She is, I am
Powered by love, a fierce and honest heart, charging
Every cell in me: live
live live in love, sing, each breath
a prayer:

  השמיעיני את קולך, קולך בדממה דקה
רועשת, קולך
ששר בצבע, קולך
ההולך ורוקד באהבה
בחסדו של נצח, בנצחו של חסד.

Let me hear your voice – your voice in the thin stillness
howls your voice
sings in color your voice
goes and dances in love
in the openheartedness of resilience, in the resilience of openheartedness

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