God’s Guardians

The guardians stand at attention.
They have been handed a grave task.
Their great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents discovered God.
Now their job is to preserve Him.

They stand in a circle,
all with a scimitar forged from the
angels who guard

their weapons
for any who dare enter the realm they fight for.

Devoted they are,
true to their work,
and tirelessly fighting at all moments
those who keep trying to break through.

Dangers are all around.
Especially from the young,
those who wish to break apart the guardians,
and enter the realm without any respect for their past.

The impudence.

a young woman yelled at them
“This place isn’t yours!”

They cut her down.
Surrounded her, scimitars flashing,
and in a moment
her tongue was cut out.

a boy screamed
“He hurt me!
Give me an audience!”
They cut off what would one day make him a man.

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Blood pools around them,
with the spilled life of those who dare enter
of those who wish to speak to Him
of those who dare speak ill
of their God
of them.

a dark man approached
and he said,
“I was meant to be a guardian too.”
And they stabbed him right in the heart,
cutting it out,
picked it up,
chewed it,
and spit it back in his face.

man and womanhood,
all around them,
as they righteously fight for the God they own.

Behind them is a cage,
for if they are not careful
God might break out,
and He’d be vulnerable
to the tongues and hearts of the evil
of the young
of the dark
of the women
and of such disfigurations of purity that the Guardians
even dare to acknowledge
their existence.

So God must be kept in a cage
for His own good,
and if people wish to know of His words
and His knowledge
they must approach respectfully,
they must remember,
that to speak to a guardian
is as close
as a person can be
to God.

And so, the guardians themselves have come to replace God,
for they are the only ones trustworthy enough.

Imagine the chaos
of a God for all,
a Voice who speaks to those who dare challenge Him,
and challenge His own:
the guardians, who have been appointed
by themselves,
for the Greater Good.

So, the scimitars spin
for all of us.
In order to make sure the religion
is saved
and God
in his