Monday Morning Get-Together: If Your Year Was A Song, What Would It Be?

Good morning, Hevrians. It’s Monday morning and we’re knee-deep in slichot. The whole year has spun by. Instead of being like, “Oh yeah, fresh start coming,” I feel pretty anxious. (That is normal for me. And for Stephanie.) How do you feel in the days right before Rosh Hashanah? Do you feel anything? Do you feel refreshed? Do you feel infinite potential, channels opening up? Existential angst?

My whole year went by faster than I expected. With everything a blur, I wonder what mattered. Did everything matter? Did nothing matter? Did G-d look at things I did that I thought were no big deal and think they were a big deal? Is my assessment of how life went even right? What if what I think was OK wasn’t, and what I wigged out about having messed up actually was OK? Am I the only one who thinks about this stuff in the days before Rosh Hashanah? Please tell me that I’m not.

Sense memory helps distinguish things in the blur, and sometimes makes the blur make sense as a whole. Maybe for you there is a smell that sums it all up, or a texture. I’m trying to find that song that sums it all up — the one song that can evoke the whole thing. The closest I can get is “Ayeka” by Shuly Rand.

But then I’m like, “Chaya, don’t be so melodramatic. You had a lot of moments of joy and power. What is your joy and power song?” It’s “Efshar Ltaken” by Udi Davidi. I know, it sounds like a Diet Coke commercial. But I unironically like the song “Life Is A Highway”.

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And with that, I pose the question to you: If your year was a song, what would it be? Put all your links to songs in the comments. This is your Monday Morning Get-Together, so go on and get together.