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Music Video

Simple Man Releases New Music Video

By On March 30, 2018

Time to break free.… Read More

Music Video

WATCH: “Another Star/Another Queen (A Purim Poem)” By Rachel Kann

By On February 28, 2018

Purim Sameach from your friendly neighborhood sacred feminine uprising!… Read More

Music Video

Perl Wolfe’s Breathtaking New Song: “Say It Again”

By On August 29, 2017

Watch the new solo music video by Perl Wolfe (of PERL), "Say It Again," inspired by Shaar Hayichud V'haemunah in Tanya.… Read More


Remember, Forgive Yourself Through Art

By On September 8, 2016

Another holiday season is fast approaching. Who have you been this year? Were you your best self? Were you even you? These are the things we should think about as we look… Read More

Music Video

Noah Lubin: “Can’t Keep God From Crying”

By On September 5, 2016

Watch the latest in our music video series, The Hevria Sessions. "Can't Keep God From Cryin'" is a haunting, painfully raw song from singer-songwriter Noah Lubin.… Read More

Music Video

WATCH: Feter Hendel – “Call Out”

By On July 25, 2016

Feter Hendel makes its music video debut with its single, "Call Out" presented by Hevria!… Read More

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