WATCH: “Another Star/Another Queen (A Purim Poem)” By Rachel Kann

Hello there and Purim Sameach!

I humbly present this Purim gift to you: a brand-new video for my poem, Another Star/Another Queen. It was directed by my soullaborator, the amazing Brad Cooper and produced with the support of Custom & Craft.

It features the work of some exquisite talents. On Violin: Lila Hood.  On Henna: Tamara Brown of Opal Moon Henna. Audio Production and Engineer: Atom Smith. First AC and creator of that glorious black rose crown: Tess. Lotta. Starring the Majestic Court of Queens: Eagle Nebula, Elle Spencer Lewis, Lila Hood, Lily Elise, Summer Fannin, Tamara Brown and Tess. Lotta.

How did I get so fortunate? These folks are so…good. Am I a little terrified to share this piece with you? Yes. But when my holy sister, soon-to-be Rabbi (B’ezrat Hashem,) Aviva Funke asked me to write this poem, I tried to resist. But resistance was, as they say, futile. I am grateful for that. There is much to be learned outside of the zone of comfort. Here we are, on the edge together. I believe in the transition that is happening.

With that said…if you have Tzniut concerns…fair warning…proceed with caution.

It’s Purim! May we all receive fresh perspectives. May we know ourselves and each other better. May we all reawaken in the garden in a state of love so deep, we soar in awe.

Taking a deep breath…