WATCH: “Another Star/Another Queen (A Purim Poem)” By Rachel Kann

Hello there and Purim Sameach!

I humbly present this Purim gift to you: a brand-new video for my poem, Another Star/Another Queen. It was directed by my soullaborator, the amazing Brad Cooper and produced with the support of Custom & Craft.

It features the work of some exquisite talents. On Violin: Lila Hood.  On Henna: Tamara Brown of Opal Moon Henna. Audio Production and Engineer: Atom Smith. First AC and creator of that glorious black rose crown: Tess. Lotta. Starring the Majestic Court of Queens: Eagle Nebula, Elle Spencer Lewis, Lila Hood, Lily Elise, Summer Fannin, Tamara Brown and Tess. Lotta.

How did I get so fortunate? These folks are so…good. Am I a little terrified to share this piece with you? Yes. But when my holy sister, soon-to-be Rabbi (B’ezrat Hashem,) Aviva Funke asked me to write this poem, I tried to resist. But resistance was, as they say, futile. I am grateful for that. There is much to be learned outside of the zone of comfort. Here we are, on the edge together. I believe in the transition that is happening.

With that said…if you have Tzniut concerns…fair warning…proceed with caution.

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It’s Purim! May we all receive fresh perspectives. May we know ourselves and each other better. May we all reawaken in the garden in a state of love so deep, we soar in awe.

Taking a deep breath…