Simple Man Releases New Music Video

Simple Man‘s title track from their forthcoming EP, Soul Sigh, drops Monday. The song “Exit 49” is the first single, though, and it’s what should be on your pre-holiday rotation all day today.

If you were here, we’d be jamming this tune chavrusa style, shuckling like bochurim, reading through the lyrics, plowing over machloches, and ultimately recognizing the narrative relevance of our modern day, self-imposed bounds and burdens sinking us as low as the lowest levels we’d ever reached since having been slaves in Mitzrayim. The wall that will be our end is on level fifty. Right before the crash, we learn, there’s an exit, “Exit 49.”

Time to break free.

Look out for Simple Man‘s next single, “Soul Sigh,” available in all formats, on Monday.

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Meanwhile, enjoy this cathartic tune and check out their new video. If you’ve ever found yourself trapped in a cubicle or being at the beck-and-call of a Pharoah-like bossman, the jailbreak desires this video evokes will be familiar

Peace, we out
We’re leaving now to see the sounds