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Bat Ayin

Bat Ayin

Bat Ayin: Episode 3 – “The Settler”

By On November 29, 2016

Meet Amnon, an artist, farmer, winemaker, and baal teshuva Israeli who now lives in Bat Ayin Bet. Bat Ayin Bet, unlike the main town of Bat Ayin, is not recognized by… Read More

Bat Ayin

“Bat Ayin”: Episode 2 – The Artist

By On August 24, 2016

Meet Elisheva, an artist, in the second episode of "Bat Ayin". In this video, she tells us about her life in the community, her approach to religiously-inspired Jewish art, and the journey… Read More

Bat Ayin

“Bat Ayin”: Episode 1 – Shlomo And Rina Shoshana

By On July 6, 2016

Shlomo and Rina Shoshana live and farm in Bat Ayin, a town in the Israeli hills that's one of the most singular places on Earth. Part One in a new film series.… Read More

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