“Bat Ayin”: Episode 2 – The Artist

Meet Elisheva, an artist who has moved to Bat Ayin because of its openness to unique thinkers and out-of-the-box religious Jews.

A baal teshuva, Elisheva spent much of her early life looking for a home, both spiritually and physically. It was in Bat Ayin that she finally found it. And in this episode of “Bat Ayin” she tells us about her life in the community, her approach to religiously-inspired Jewish art, and the journey that brought her there.


Watch Episode 1 here if you missed it.

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About “Bat Ayin”:

The town of Bat Ayin lies in the hills between Jerusalem and Hebron. The population is estimated to be 85% baal teshuva, Jews who weren’t born Orthodox but chose that way of life. Many of the residents are artists, farmers, and/or scholars. All of them share a sense of mission: this is their land, and their vision is essential to the future of the Jewish people.

Our goal with this film series is to show a community of Jews that doesn’t get a lot of exposure beyond the political. The residents of Bat Ayin challenge many assumptions – about what it means to be Jewish, to settle in Israel, and to inhabit, physically and spiritually, the tension between worlds. In a discussion that is often divisive, we want to show you a human, living, breathing side of this one-of-a-kind place.