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Analog Angels

By On September 17, 2018

We are fish benumbed by the commonplace of our individual bowls. … Read More

Guest Post

Desire Of Desires

By On September 17, 2018

Hidden One, I beg you to reveal yourself.… Read More


Ba’alat Ov / Shamaness

By On September 13, 2018

I have said more than enough.… Read More


The Neighborhood Kvetch

By On September 4, 2018

The town was finally sick of the constant complaining. And this time, the rabbi was on their side.… Read More


What Our Siddur Has Drunk

By On September 3, 2018

Our siddur has drunk us even as we drink from it.… Read More


Gevirah / Queen

By On August 30, 2018

The crown adorns she who keeps going.… Read More


Hunt for the World’s Last Kugel

By On August 29, 2018

I might be in our apocalyptic future, foraging for food in ashes and not crunching charred crust in my teeth. Everything is artisan when it's one of a kind… Read More


An Elul Lie

By On August 23, 2018

Victory is mine.… Read More


Tomorrow Is The Full Moon

By On August 17, 2018

  There is light from overhead. And there is full-moon light that leaks through your walls. Light that seeps through your clothes and worms in your thoughts.   A thing so silent… Read More


Na’arah / Maiden

By On August 15, 2018

She, who is fearless, who walks out of the wilderness feral-shouldered and unbroken.… Read More

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