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David Karpel



By On July 23, 2018

Feast on discovery.… Read More


I Wish This Was Fake News

By On May 28, 2018

Children are being torn from the arms of their mothers.… Read More


The Anxiety Of This Age

By On May 14, 2018

All that's changed are the dates and their names.… Read More


Just A Man In Pieces

By On April 30, 2018

I'm just a man and I can't be better than I can.… Read More


A Wanderlust Song

By On April 16, 2018

A band of liars and thieves sing a song of desire and atonement.… Read More

Music Video

Simple Man Releases New Music Video

By On March 30, 2018

Time to break free.… Read More


Fruit Tart

By On March 19, 2018

Can beauty be so simple as a fruit tart? Can desire be so innocently pacified? … Read More


Upon Learning Sherman Alexie, Too. . .

By On March 5, 2018

Your lies became truth, your truth became their pain.… Read More


They Went To School One Day

By On February 19, 2018

They call b.s., amen selah, amen selah. … Read More


Not Surrender But Defeat

By On January 22, 2018

I inventoried, checked boxes, made graphs. It all adds up to nothing, zilch, nada. … Read More

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