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Rachel Kann


Burn This

By On November 8, 2017

I am elemental-celestial, fashioned by the hands of my ancestors from their very own prayers and bones.… Read More


The Most Unkindest Cut Of All

By On October 24, 2017

You are a violent glamour, a dagger carved from obsidian.… Read More


WATCH: “Dancing Lesson” by Rachel Kann

By On October 11, 2017

Rachel's new RHPFF award-nominated poetry & dance video.… Read More


The Cartography Of Heaven

By On September 27, 2017

Is it even a leap of faith if you know you can’t help but land softly?… Read More


Pasturing Amongst Roses: A Prayer For Elul

By On August 30, 2017

Let us know the generousness of wild, abiding and unbounded love.… Read More


A Call To (Open) Arms

By On August 16, 2017

I got you.… Read More


Tu B’Av Bullerengue

By On August 2, 2017

Know that this restoration existed before the shattering ever began.… Read More


In The Time Of Our Sorrow

By On July 19, 2017

We sweeten the darkness, light the bitterness.… Read More


Rock The Bells

By On July 5, 2017

You ring the bells, we are the bells you are ringing.… Read More

Long Read

The Khima Transmission

By On June 14, 2017

Be brave in the face of the unknown. Step forward and receive our communication.… Read More

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