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HevriaCast Episode 14: Erika Dreifus

By On July 17, 2017

The latest episode of HevriaCast is out! This time featuring Erika Dreifus, an award-winning writer and poet, as well as a blogger about both writing and Jewish writing. In this episode, Erika… Read More


HevriaCast Episode 13: Rochel Spangenthal

By On June 27, 2017

Rochel Spangenthal, regular Hevria writer, world traveler, and awesome inspiration-sharer, joins Elad on this episode of HevriaCast.… Read More


HevriaCast Episode 12: Miriam Brosseau

By On June 19, 2017

Connecting revelation and creativity. Seeing how context affects the creative work we put out into the world. Exploring the spiritual power of bubblegum pop. All of this and more in this episode… Read More


HevriaCast Episode 10: Molly Tolsky

By On June 5, 2017

In this latest HevriaCast episode, Elad sits down with the editor of Kveller, Molly Tolsky, and discusses Jewish creativity for the less religiously inclined, sharing Jewish identity through writing, and the power… Read More


HevriaCast Episode 9: Leah Gottfried

By On May 21, 2017

Leah Gottfried, creator of Soon By You, joins us this week to talk about balancing an orthodox life in the secular creative world and a creative life in the orthodox world.… Read More


HevriaCast Episode 8: Amy Guterson

By On May 14, 2017

Meet Amy Guterson, the founder and director of Tzohar, a Hasidic seminary for the arts. Hear how her program was started, how she found out that spirituality and the arts work together… Read More


HevriaCast Episode 7: Eli Schwebel

By On April 30, 2017

In Hevria's latest podcast episode, Eli Schwebel and Elad discuss the difference between creativity and expression, how Jewish identity fits into creativity, and whether everyone can actually be creative or not.… Read More


HevriaCast Episode 6: Hannah Roodman

By On April 23, 2017

Hannah Roodman, founder of the event series BeingWith_, discusses why she went from doing videos for Alicia Keys and the UN to focusing on the intimate and the personal.… Read More


HevriaCast Episode 5: Mendy Pellin

By On April 18, 2017

Hasidic comedian Mendy Pellin gets serious (but not too serious) about his craft, dealing with criticism, and how to impact the world with your art.… Read More


HevriaCast Episode 4: Rishe Groner

By On April 9, 2017

Rishe Groner, a writer who stirred things up quite a bit last year on Hevria, opens up about the piece some more, the difficulties that come with speaking up about the orthodox… Read More

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