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Elad Nehorai


How Belief Finally Changed Me

By On October 27, 2016

It turns out that habit changes require a final, spiritual key to make them lasting: belief. And it took a book about the science of habit change to help me realize… Read More


Why I Never Write Anonymously

By On October 13, 2016

I've never written an anonymous piece of writing, even when sharing my most personal experiences. Here's why.… Read More


Why I Stopped Calling Myself Chabad

By On September 29, 2016

Elad Nehorai takes us on the journey of letting go of an identity, from a change in beliefs to a change in dress, and finally to letting go of a label. … Read More


Why Hevria Needs You

By On September 20, 2016

Some thoughts about Hevria and things you may not know about it, where we're headed, and why you matter so much to us.… Read More


I’m No Longer Chabad, So Why Do I Still Have A Beard?

By On September 15, 2016

A former "Chabadnik" examines why he has let go of so much of his former garb, and kept something that seems to be a definitive aspect of Hasidic men: the beard.… Read More


The Night The Old Lady Killed My Inner Critic

By On September 1, 2016

How seeing an elderly woman perform standup comedy helped shatter the illusion my inner fearful voice had built inside of me. And why it matters.… Read More


I’m Glad The 9 Days Are Over So I Can Spout Off Again

By On August 18, 2016

On the beauty of learning to be more careful with my words during the 9 Days... and why I'm so freaking glad it's over.… Read More


Let Go Of Cynicism And Become A Wizard

By On July 7, 2016

The universe is built to break down. And so are we. When we do the opposite, we are doing magic.… Read More


There Is No Failure In Spiritual Creativity

By On June 9, 2016

When we see creativity from the Creator's perspective, then any concept of "failure" completely falls apart.… Read More


I Might Go Off The Derech

By On May 26, 2016

A journey into my once biggest fear: losing my religion.… Read More

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