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Elad Nehorai


The Clay Man With The Spikes: Part 4

By On September 14, 2017

In the fourth installment of this series, Mother takes Girl to the beach, where she hopes to rediscover their long-lost connection.… Read More


The Clay Man With The Spikes: Part 3

By On August 31, 2017

In part 3 of the Clay Man With The Spikes series, Elad takes us into the the next stage of life for Father, Mother, and Girl, where hearts are splattered over bodies,… Read More


The Clay Man With The Spikes: Part 2

By On August 17, 2017

Father and Mother now have their own perfectly unspiked baby. And life is beautiful and perfect. Until it isn't.… Read More


The Clay Man With The Spikes: Part 1

By On August 3, 2017

There once was a clay man who lived in a clay world. And unlike all the rest, he was covered in spikes. He thought he would be alone forever. Part… Read More


HevriaCast Episode 11: Rabbi Brad Hirschfield

By On June 13, 2017

A discussion with Brad Hirschfield, president of Clal about things like the idea of "service vs. sales" and how to create a Jewish world that learns how to create a healthier balance… Read More


The Time God Did Not Provide

By On June 8, 2017

We were in Israel. Our first daughter had just been born. I didn't have a job. And we were broke. A longform essay about the journey this took… Read More

Hevria News

Hevria Takes On Longform

By On June 7, 2017

Hevria writers invite you along with us as we take on the challenge of longform essays for the next few weeks.… Read More


The Long, Straight Road Of Orthodoxy

By On May 25, 2017

A story about the straight road. The one they told you was safe and stable. The one you trusted. The one you're starting to look at more closely.… Read More


Just Write The Words!

By On April 27, 2017

An essay about writing turns into a mad conversation between the writer and his fears.… Read More


Why The Orthodox World Should Be Grateful To Its Detractors

By On March 30, 2017

How a chat with a Reform woman helped me wrap my mind around those within the orthodox world who criticize it, including myself.… Read More

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