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Elad Nehorai


Announcing Hevria’s First Podcast: HevriaCast

By On March 27, 2017

Elad Nehorai interviews awesome creative Jews from all walks of life in Hevria's latest podcast. Find out how to subscribe and hear our first two episodes here!… Read More


The Useful Baalei Teshuva

By On March 2, 2017

The dangers of fitting too well into the orthodox world.… Read More


Imagine! A Better Jewish World

By On February 16, 2017

Take a moment. Don't compromise. Don't hold back. And imagine the Jewish world as you really wish it would be. And realize that your mission is to help us arrive there.… Read More


How Listening Will Transform The Jewish World

By On February 2, 2017

How a reactive culture causes the silence of its most vulnerable people, and why the power of listening is the solution to it.… Read More


The Crow In Your Chest

By On January 19, 2017

There is a crow in your chest, pecking, gnawing, begging to be let free. You stuff it down and try to pretend it is not there. But the deeper it goes, the… Read More

Hevria News

Introducing Neshamas: A Site For Anonymous Jewish Writing

By On January 10, 2017

Elad announces a new Hevria project: a website designed to give voice to the voiceless by accepting only anonymous pieces.… Read More


When The Ground Beneath You Breaks Apart

By On January 5, 2017

What happens when you stop living the life others want you to live? The ground breaks apart underneath you.… Read More


The World You Left And The World You’re Going To

By On December 22, 2016

A story for all those who left their worlds and found another.… Read More


I’m Not Open-Minded

By On December 8, 2016

I had always thought of myself as open-minded. But then I faced a choice that forced me to introspect about what I really am.… Read More


Jews Are United, Whether We Like It Or Not

By On November 24, 2016

We're all working together, creating a world we could only have imagined generations ago. And yet... we don't seem to be aware of it.… Read More

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