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I Keep Falling In Love With Men Who Aren’t Jewish

By On July 24, 2017

And it's breaking my heart.… Read More

Guest Post

When My Son Hits Me

By On January 9, 2017

A mother's poem about her son's mental illness which, at times, leads to aggressive episodes.… Read More

Guest Post

The Boogeyman Of Belonging

By On November 14, 2016

A poem about the loneliness and invisibility of aging single women in the Jewish community, together with the vulnerability that comes with being on one's own.… Read More


The Chassid, A Knight In Shining Armour

By On November 9, 2016

A disabled woman shares the impact compassion from others has in her life.… Read More


Mikvah Is Not My Mitzvah

By On September 19, 2016

That night of my wedding, I just wasn't ready.… Read More

Guest Post

Confronting My Bisexuality While Married

By On August 8, 2016

It's only now, while married to a man and with children, that this anonymous writer has begun to truly face her attraction to women.… Read More


Why Is Three Kids Not Enough?

By On July 18, 2016

An anonymous writer from the Hasidic world wrestles with her conscience... and her husband... over whether she can handle having more children.… Read More

Guest Post

The Other Shalom Bayis Class

By On July 11, 2016

After years in an abusive marriage, I've learned some lessons about marriage that you don't usually hear in shalom bayis classes. Here they are, and here is my story.… Read More


I Admit It, I Was Using Gafni Too

By On February 8, 2016

Gafni's 3rd ex-wife fesses up... but will Gafni?… Read More

Guest Post

To The Woman Who Slept With My Husband

By On January 26, 2016

Marc Gafni's ex-wife's unexpected letter to the "other women." And to all those who hold onto dark secrets.… Read More

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