I’m Sarah, And I’m A Maker

I make sauerkraut, folk art and babies. The babies are my best work to date.

I make connections… with people, words, spirit and with music.

Music speaks to my depths and helps me know in an “in-my-bones” kind of way that ideas like “Unity,” “Oneness” and “Redemption” are more than just utopian dreams– but rather living, pulsing realities that are very close indeed. I intend to use this platform to explore the connection between modern (multi-genre) music and traditional biblical text to unpack this theory.

I am more than a little excited about this.

I have lived in Israel for the past 15 years – the past 3 in the Golan Heights. I am still punch-drunk every time I open my front door. Living here has allowed me to understand the fullness of the expression “breathtaking view;”  this place moves me like good poetry on a daily basis. My passion for Israel the Land is shared in equal measure with my passion for Israel the People. If life here had a soundtrack, I’m pretty sure the opening track would be a mash-up of “Stir it Up” and “Eye of the Tiger.” 

I’m a talker and a writer. I am generally game to share my thoughts with anyone interested in hearing them. Sometimes I get paid to do both; this makes me happy.

I remember sneaking off campus grounds during high school with a car full of rip-jeaned, heavily pierced kids. We would park the car towards the back end of the parking lot and hotbox it until it almost floated. Then, almost in unison, they would look at me and say “Okay Sarah, talk.”  I suppose that’s where I laid my first roots as a public speaker. 

Age and circumstance have wizened me to the opportunity and fullness of Quiet. Although words and internal chatter are still reflexive responses for me, I am better with stillness and quiet than I have ever been. This is an all-around a good thing.  

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I am, above all things, a work in progress.

I draw inspiration and content largely from the teachings of Chassidus. The Torah of the Ba’al Shem Tov and his predecessors connects me to places in and outside of myself that are no less essential to my soul than water is to my body. I strongly believe that the messages he preached are the very same messages that will move humanity forward towards better days, world-wide. I am ever-willing to share teachings of positivity, joy, profundity and love that are so ripe in Chassidic thought and to make those ideas viral in the ears of anyone who is willing to listen.   

Let the record state that I am also known to draw heavily from selected teachings of Eminem, Bob Dylan and ee cummings.

I do not believe that there is only one way to do anything. 

I am honored to be a contributor to this site and to rub cyber-shoulders with such an esteemed panel. 

I look forward to seeing what unfolds here and beyond. 

Thank you for having me.